Map Resources

City Services & Government Info

flash City Construction Projects 
Status and location of current projects       

flash ZoomTucson 
Neighborhood, School, Trash/recycling pick-up and other misc information

flash ZoomBiz 
Financial and Zoning Incentives

flash Non-Residential Parking 
Location and availability of non-residential parking permits


City Owned Property

flash Real Estate 
Land owned by the City of Tucson


Transportation Related

flash General Transportation 
Transportation main map with all related data layers

flash Maps & Records/Survey 
ROW research and Survey data layers

flash Stormwater 
Hydrologic and Wash data layers

 Private Improvement Agreements

 Maintenance Management Program




Housing and Neighborhoods

flash Housing and Community Development 
Neighborhoods, Liquor Licenses, Code Enforcement, Historic Preservation, Voting Precincts and Housing Rehab

flash Historic Property
Historic Preservation

Environmental Services

flash Environmental Management Projects 

Planning and Development

flash PRO/Planning & Development Services 
Planning & Zoning, Building Safety, Engineering, Landscape and Floodplain data layers 

pdf Land Use Plans

pdf Major Streets and Routes (MS&R)

pdf Airport Environ Zone (AEZ)  

flash AEZ, ERZ and HDZ


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